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Bogomi is the digital namesake of Bogomil Mihaylov - a photographer of multiple personalities.
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What or who :: Que o quien

My name is Bogomil Mihaylov and this online repository contains a collection of self-curated works and musings. Obsessed with the visual and conceptual I try to bridge the two in my digital explorations by touching on a variety of themes and subjects none of which can claim exclusivity due to the general temporality of existence and fickle nature of the universe. Yet the fact that we can contemplate the mere notion of the universe is in itself a small miracle of being human worth of endless chromatic praise.

Digital photography and manipulation are my main tools in uncovering the relationship between the physical and ethereal - in creating connections, suggesting associations of a various and not always healthy nature, extruding details, divulging in irresponsible minimalism, conceptualizing the mundane, dissecting reality to satisfy a scientific fetishism, objectifying emotions, parametrizing the human, over-aestheticizing the art of others and remaining partial when documenting.

Put in more basic terms, I am gratifying a prehistoric need to creativily reflect on a perceived reality, albeit through a relatively modern medium, after having ensured the rudimentary prerequisites of survival. Meandering on a road with no end, eyes and mind wide open.

Speaking of rudimentary prerequisites, selected work is available for purchase and exhibition and myself for commissions and collaborations. Please feel free to inquire for either by contacting me.

I am based primarily in Malaga, Spain which should explain the touches in Spanish throughout the site but endowed with the uncanny ability to make my work and self available in any place around the world where they might be required. Preferably with travel expenses covered.